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This depends on what level of maintenance you are after, and the area in which the turf will be going. If you are wanting turf that has little, to no maintenance then our synthetic turf might be best for you. If you canโ€™t resist the smell of freshly cut grass, real turf is the way to go.

Real turf requires some regular maintenance, this includes regular mowing, watering and fertilisation all year round.

Very little maintenance is required on our synthetic turf, this may include raking, or blowing which will aid in preserving itโ€™s the natural look for many years.

Once our team has finished the job, we will leave our clients with care instructions for either real + synthetic grass. These care instructions will have all the information you need to make sure your freshly laid turf will always looks its best.

The Turf Crew uses a high quality synthetic turf, this turf has a UV protection coating that will protect the damaging effects of the harsh sun.

All turf supplied, and installed by The Turf Crew will come with a 7 year warranty, however clients will continue to see the benefits of our quality product for many, many years.

All of our synthetic turf is pet-friendly. Our artificial turf system will stand up to even the toughest pets. You will not have to worry about staining or mildew build up from your petsโ€™ daily routine.

You can simply rinse off your area in question and enjoy a long lasting, plush, green synthetic lawn for years and years.

Yes, The Turf Crew supplies synthetic grass which is 100% chlorine protected. The vibrancy of our synthetic turf looks fantastic around pools and surrounding areas.

No, all our grasses are completely UV stable and made and tested for Australian conditions.

Very similar to real turf actually. The backing of our turf is perforated, this means that any water will drain through to the crushed rock/crusher dust base below.

Yes. The Turf Crew can install synthetic turf on almost every surface.

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